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10/01/2004 Entry: "MI-5"

The Drumming MI-5

1) What's the Holy Grail from drum collectors?
This is what started the whole thing. I immediately said an authentic Billy Gladstone snare. After all, he only made 40. But then I remembered the Ludwig Triumphal model. It's a gold plated number from the late '20s. There are only seven of those known in existence, and Mike Curotto in CA owns five of them. So we'd have to have a bit of discussion about rarity vs. collect-ability. My thoughts are that the Gladstone is more collectable, and would have more drummers trying to get one, even though the Triumphal model has fewer numbers. I think this is best exemplified in the fact someone is building Gladstone replicas, but no one is building Triumphal replicas.

2) You've got a jazz gig in the morning, and a rock gig in the evening. What snare you you take to cover both gigs?
Hmm, tough one. I'd probably say my 5 1/2" X 14" WFL wood snare. I have a 6 1/2" X 14" bronze snare that covers a lot of bases, but I don't think it's articulate enough for a jazz gig.

3) You've got a vintage drum kit, in a common color, and the finish isn't in great shape. Do you refinish it?
It depends on what I'm going to do with it. If it's for collection purposes, I'll leave it alone. If it's for playing, and it's something I'm going to keep for a long time, I don't have a problem recovering it. If the finish is in decent shape, though, I say leave it alone regardless.

4) What size sticks do you play?
Usually Pro-Mark 5a Oak nylon tips. When playing jazz, though, I'll switch to a 7a wood tip.

5) You find a little old lady selling a Ludwig Black Beauty, circa 1928. It's engraved, with copper hardware. The lady's asking $100. Do you pay the Benjamin and run, or do you explain to her the value, and pay her a fair price?
Yikes! Well, I couldn't pay her what it's worth, that's for sure. Maybe I'd give her like $250, and she'd be happy, and I'd be ecstatic, so everyone wins!

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Posted by Paddy @ 10/01/2004 08:54 AM EST

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