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10/18/2004 Entry: "Fire Trucks, Guns, Rolex Crap, and Hoarseness"

Oh my heck! And only a $1500 reserve?! Gonna watch this one, I am. Not going to buy mind, but I'm gonna watch it.

Jimmy T bought a bull barrel stainless Ruger 10/22 a while back. JP, who already owns a stainless 10/22, really fancied the bull barrel. Really fancied it. So much so, he decided he buy one. Well then he found this place where he could have it tricked out. So, he bought a brand new 10/22, sent it to them, hand them put a Anschutz style thumb-hole stock it, plus a fluted barrel, and a bunch of receiver parts. About the only thing left on it that's original is the receiver. He's got a big old scope to go it too. It's gonna be nice when it's done. Man, my .22 is like the model T next to these guys: iron sites, a bolt I have to work by hand, regular wood stock. (Note on the picture: see the Marvin the Martian boxers I use for a rag? And the ammo box is Dad's old Craftsman toolbox that I hand painted camo when I was maybe 12.)

What's up with the Rolex spam? I gettin' killed with the stuff. Every five minutes some new Rolex scam is coming to my inbox. Why all of a sudden?

So I spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at the Kiwanis Haunted House. 11 hours of screaming my head off. The voice is pretty well shot. It doesn't hurt at all, it's just not there. Joe, the guy running the place, said he could hear me at the front door, and he was using me for timing when to send the new group through. When he heard Batty yelling, he knew the group was at the second station, and it was time to send a new group through. He told me that slippery elm is great stuff to help out. So I went to the apothecary around the corner, and asked if they had any. No, but they thought they could order me some. I figured by the time it got here it would be cleared up. A physician overheard my request, and noted that slippery elm used to be use for abortions. I remarked that that wasn't the reason I needed it!

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Whatever brought Rolex to you has now included me. I am getting a free one as soon as it is made. Takes a year you know. I may have to check with WalMart in the meantime.

Posted by Dad @ 10/21/2004 08:24 AM EST

Turns out we are at the bottom of the food chain, some folk have had Rolex overload since April. [sigh] I'm always the last to be asked to dance.

Posted by Liz Ditz @ 10/22/2004 03:00 AM EST

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