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10/26/2004 Entry: "Late Mornings"

Another Billy Rhythm Axiom of Doom: no matter how much time you have, you will fill it up. (As Paddy points out, it's kinda like the goldfish in a bowl theory. As George Carlin points out, the same is true of stuff in a house--no matter how big it is, you have enough stuff to fill it.) In order to allow a little more breathing room in the morning, I've been getting up earlier. Yet, still I have no time in the morning. Today it was most noticable. Even though I allowed myself 15 more minutes than usual, and even though I did the same amount of stuff I usually do in the morning, I somehow made it out the door later than I would have liked, and I still arrived at the office just barely before opening. There were days when I was the third man in, behind only Jim and Mike. I would open the shop, and make the first pot of coffee. Now, I'm usually in behind the traditional late comers. I'm frequently the last man in. Looks like it'll 6am for me tomorrow.

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I recall I used to beat Mike in every morning. Now he comes in a little earlier. I also recall how I used to see you at the end of the street pulling out and we would race down Union in the morning. I was always afraid to go too fast in case there was a cop. Not you! You would walk on that thing and usually beat me to the lot.

Posted by Jim @ 10/26/2004 06:50 PM EST

Yeah, I have been crankin' up the first pot for months now ... Jim and I are usually there within a minute of each other every morning.

Posted by Paddy @ 10/26/2004 09:58 PM EST

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