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10/25/2004 Entry: "A lovely evening with the family"

Saturday night, my gig ended up canceling. While I was bummed about losing the Franklin it would have paid, I was glad to have a surprise night off. I made the family a lovely sausage soup and hot rolls. Then Susan said "Here's the plan." (I should of known at this point I was dead meat.) "I'll finish supper, then hop in the shower. The boys will cry, but when I get out, I'll feed them, and then we can carry them up to bed. This was about 7:30pm. Matthew decided he'd have none of it. He started in to fussing, and nothing would console him. At about 10pm, the main hatchway caved in. No wait, that was something else. No, instead Susan said "Why don't you take Nat to bed." This is about how it works. Nat gets to sleep first, and I, needing to wake first in the morning, take him upstairs and put him in the crib. So I did.

At about midnight, Susan came upstairs. "Matthew just threw up all over me, and I need your help." So I went downstairs, and we got him cleaned up. Back to bed. About 1am, he woke up with his "I'm miserable" routine. "Maybe he'll take a bottle" Susan suggested. I took him downstairs. On the way, he let out quite a burp. I put him on his belly in the crib, and went to make him a bottle. When I returned, he was asleep. I left him there for a bit, in order to ensure sound sleep. At about 1:30am, I returned to bed.

About 2am, Susan wakes me. "Nathaniel's thrown up," she says. Back downstairs. Susan is now out of clean pajamas. While she's cleaning Nat up, I looking for clean jammies in the laundry. Finding none, I decided one of my t-shirts would suffice. We returned to bed.

About 3:30am, we woke to a horrendous crash. I started downstairs to see what was the matter. As I exited the bedroom, I could hear Julia crying. It seems she was heading downstairs to the bathroom when she tripped on a Barbie case she left lying in the middle of her floor. We calmed her down, and returned to bed.

4:30am. Both boys are awake, and hungry. They commence announcing their hunger, and I help Susan get them downstairs for a feeding. She decides to spend the rest of the night in the La-Z-Boy. I decide to head to Barbados and never be seen again. ;-)

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Send this to anyone considering having kids. For some it would be a real wake up call. hehe

All very much worth it though!

Posted by Groovemaster @ 10/25/2004 05:23 PM EST

Recently I have been thinking it would be nice to get married and have some kids. Thank you for setting me strait. I have printed this post and put it on the wall next to my bed so that I can read it as a bedtime story.

Posted by Jim @ 10/25/2004 10:31 PM EST

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