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11/02/2004 Entry: "New Photos of the Boys"

Mom snapped some good photos a couple of weeks ago, and she emailed them to me. Nat is the oldest, so he gets the birthright. Matt is our youngest child (by six minutes), so he'll get spoiled and punished less. :-)

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Hi Billy,
I went to Boston in 1971 and saw a Ghost pedal in a music store. About a year later I had a chance to buy a used one for $40.
I still use it on, it's never screwed up - ever. I recall that there was an ad for it in the early 70's Downbeat magazine that I sent away and got a single sheet promo on it. I distinctly recall that the story about the pedal being developed on a boat and the line "Galloping Ghost of the Oahu Coast" was for sure on that piece of paper! And mine, bought in Nova Scotia, ends up on the island of Oahu! I thought that it said that the boat was haunted.
Funny though, mine was used in 1972 and it's silver with ribs on the footboard.
All I've ever done is put a few drops of car engine oil on the moving parts.
I enjoyed your site.

Posted by Ian Taylor @ 11/09/2004 08:44 AM EST

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