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11/02/2004 Entry: "Speaking of the electoral process"

Some Democrat in Maine is running an ad. "What does gridlock sound like?" Cue the elephant trumpet. This guy is claiming that, though the Democrats have had 30 years of control in the state congress, it's the Republicans who have blocked progress. Please.

Instead, I prefer the compasion ad of Maine in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has had a Republican congress for the past 30-ish years. Maine is the 49th highest taxed state. New Hampsire is like 6th. They have neither sales nor income tax. Their health care is about 50% of the cost of ours. How can they even survive?

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There will always be gridlock in a two-party system. The best you can hope for is moderation on both sides and some honest people working on your behalf for the good of the general public. Wish for any more than that, and you WILL be dissapointed.

Posted by Paddy @ 11/02/2004 10:00 PM EST

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