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11/11/2004 Entry: "Web Masterin' Fool"

I'm working the 6-9pm shift tonight. It's usually not very busy, and tonight is no exception. But instead of surfin' around doing nothing in particular, I've been working on my web making muscles. What did I do? Well, I made a little button for Jimmy T's website. You can see the "Games? Must We?" button on the right there. Then, I installed this cool cgi calendar, which is way easy to update. Click the calendar link to see how it works. Did you try to add an item? Uh-uh, not without the password! Then, I worked on installing a secure order page for gift certificates over at Grapes Restaurant. My boss, JP, has re-written some code that keeps online forms from being spammed. So I had to edit the cgi a little for testing. If you don't do that, the results of the form go to the email adress of the site owner. I don't want them to get the results until it's done. So you edit the cgi to reflect a test address. And of course putting it on a secure server ups the ante. I did mostly ok. I got both form secure, but for some reason the transmission wasn't going securely. I called JP at home (he's cool like that--he helps me with the hard tech stuff a lot), and he showed me that my "post" command wasn't being referenced securely. So both pages were secure, but the transmission wasn't, just as I suspected. A quick change of one line of code, and presto! Order your gift certificates online, and securely!

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