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11/11/2004 Entry: "Have I completed the quest for the Grail?"

I got my first drum catalog in '85. It was the Tama catalog, and Elwood gave it to me. I spent years drooling over those drums. In high school, I cut out the seven piece Superstar Super Maple kit and hung it inside my locker. It's still my dream kit. Also in that catalog were the Mastercraft snare drums. The Cordia Artstar, the fiberglass FiberStar, the Bell Brass and the rosewood. Something about that drum. What? I don't know.

Shane Kinney lived down the road from me in Spruce Head. He played the drums too. He moved to Portland, and had a bit of success playing with Broken Clown. By day, he works at a drum shop. One day while I'm in there, I mention I'm looking for a Tama rosewood. He tells me he has one! I ask if it's the cool early version with extended snares and die cast hoops, or one of the late models with tube lugs and brass hoops. It's the cool early one, he says. Is it the big, deep 6 1/2" model? Oh, yeah it is! I try and get him to sell it to me. He won't. But I make him promise to give me first refusal if he ever sells it. He agrees.

I got an email today from Shane. The subject: "The time has come."

I almost jumped from my seat.

I've made arrangements to go check it out next week. Shane says it's a little battle scarred, so we'll see. Just owning one would be cool, but owning one from the kid I grew up with--that would be real cool.

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I have often heard you say that Tama is your fav drum brand. If that is true or still true do you think it is because of that catalog or did Harv give you that because you liked Tama already?

Posted by Jim @ 11/11/2004 11:17 PM EST

I just purchased 2 Ghost pedals from ebay. Great price!

I already have 2.

I bought my first ghost pedal in 1976. It was in constant use until 1992, including time gigging 6 nights a week all over America. I pulled it out of hiding 3 months ago and it just keeps on going. (I had not had my kit out in 12 years) I store my pedal in a wood box that I made and it has never been in the folded position. I found a setting I liked and have not had to change it over the years. I may be unique, but I have never had a break, crack or any other problem with the pedal. I do keep a can of WD-40 on hand to take out an occasional squeak. I purchased the others because of nostalgia and because I am gigging again and just want to always be able to play a ghost. At 47 I am not going to change to anything else.

Posted by Tom @ 11/20/2004 05:59 PM EST

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