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12/07/2004 Entry: "Birthday Post"

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. It was really a very nice birthday. Let's see if I can recount everything without leaving anyone out. Lisa left a b-day comment, and Maria sent an online card. Jim and Paddy fought over who would take me to lunch, and Jim won. I ate Chinese food until I couldn't move! He also bought me this cool joystick that you plug into your A/V system, and the joystick has about 10 of the old Atari Activision games built right into it! I can relive Chicken Run, Pitfall, Spider Hunt, and a bunch of other cool games we had as kids. Gina hooked me up with a chocolate cream pie, and the office bought me a chocolate cake that was sooo rich, I drank two cups of coffee to cut through it! (I wish we had some milk at the office!) A police officer let me out of a ticket because it was my birthday. (A non-moving violation, btw.) And so many people wished me a really heartfelt happy birthday. It was really nice--and I'm not usually much on birthdays.

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How are things in your world?
Just ran across your page and thought to say Hello and Merry Christmas.
Many Blessings

Posted by Kevin @ 12/10/2004 02:27 PM EST

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