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12/06/2004 Entry: "Dreaming of Shane"

I had yet another wild dream the other night. I was in the public parking lot behind Main Street in Brunswick. It was snowing. I started to leave the parking lot and turn on to Main Street, but the street was blocked by a public works truck. Apparently, they were blocking the way as there was a parade. So I stopped. Then someone got behind me and bumped my rear bumper. It was slippery and everything, so I didn't worry about it too much. But then the guy kept going! He kept ramming me out of the way, until he could get around me and the dump truck. I grabbed my cell phone, and called the cops. And, I pulled out and started following the guy. He's going way faster than me. He's 3-4 blocks ahead of me, easy. As we get to the end of the parade route, there are some cops leaning on a sawhorse. "This guy just ran into my car!" I yelled out the window. "And I've got dispatch on the line right now! Get in your car and get moving!
Now, I'm at a celebration of Shane Kinney's life. How'd he die? I have no idea. But I'm the MC of a comedy/music show in honor of Shane. (Shane's a drummer and stand up comedian.) So the first band has there equipment set up, and I notice the drummer is playing a Tama rosewood snare, exactly like the one Shane just sold me in real life. It was with sadness that I thought back about Shane and that snare. The female comedian just left the stage, and I went out to get her another hand. But I couldn't remember her name! So I said "Come on guys, let's give another hand for her! Up next, we've got Johnson and Smith (or something like that), a great rap/comedy duo coming all the way from New Jersey just to be here tonight!" I looked down the stairs, and this big white rapper and this big black rapper (who's carrying a huge boom box) are coming up the stairs. "You must be Johnson and Smith," I said. "What makes you think that?" one of them said. And then I woke up.

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It's now December 7. Happy Birthday to Billy Rhythm! With love from your Sister.

Posted by Lisa @ 12/07/2004 10:25 AM EST

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