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12/20/2004 Entry: "School Vacation and Weekend Activities"

Julia's on school vacation this week. The public school kids go to Wednesday or Thursday, I think. They had a whole week off at Thanksgiving, and Julia's school only had two days. So they're making up for it this week. And what does that mean to me? Well, I slept an extra 20 minutes this morning. I didn't have to wake Julia at 7am, fix her breakfast, fix her lunch, and get her ready for school. I did the same load of laundry I do every morning. I cleaned the cat box. And I still have time to throw a quick post on.

This weekend, I played Friday nite at Joshua's Tavern in Brunswick. I haven't played with Blind Al since sometime in October, I think. The six weeks off really did us some good. The first set went well, with a couple of drunk chicks dancing to the music. And when drunk chicks dance, well guys start dancing too.

You won't believe what just happened. Julia just got up! She wants a snuggle before I go to work, so I don't get to finish the post after all!


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