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12/22/2004 Entry: "All Things Ringo Are Expensive, But He Used No Dyna"

Remember the Ringo snare that ended at $2400? How about the same kind of snare stand he used? Already at over $150. Did Ringo own it? Nope. Just the same kind he used, that's all.

I got an email earlier this week. Seems a drummer who hangs out on the Drum Center of Indianapolis message board visited here, and saw I was looking for a Rogers Dynasonic. He's got one, and was willing to sell it to me for $200, and that included the shipping. How could I not??? So after that one, there will be only two real snares I need for the collection: a single ply Slingerland "Radio King," and a Slingerland "Rolling Bomber." Then I'll be done. Mostly. I still could use a Tama bell brass, and a Leedy Shelly Manne, and a WFL Twin Sensitive, and a Black Beauty, and maybe a couple of others...

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