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12/26/2004 Entry: "Christmas Wrap Up, Web Work, Gladstone For Sale (kinda)"

What's the take? Well, a couple of good books, a couple of dress shirts, three DVDs (including the Buddy Rich "Lost West Side Story Tapes" which I've already watched thirce!), a griddle, some tools, socks and ephemera. I had a great time, even thought it created three long days for us--especially the twins.

I updated my Snares To Get list. Not shown on the list are the Premier "Heavy Rock Nine" and a Tama 11-Lug model (11 lugs on top hoop, 10 on bottom). I don't have photos of either of these drums. But added to the list is a Gladstone. Well low and behold, a Gretsch Gladstone shows up on ebay. (Gladstone was in cooperation with Gretsch before he went on his own. There are more Gretsch Gladstones than real Gladstones, but they're both rare.) Too bad the auctions's over. I would of liked to seen where it went.

Oh, I forgot to mention I got yet another snare drum: the Rogers chrome-over-brass Dynasonic. This guy from a vintage message board emailed and said he saw the site, and saw I wanted a Dyna. He had one in his closet he hadn't touched in five years! He sold it too me for a very good price. It showed up, and it was in wicked nice condition. Score! It sounds great!

I've been doing some web updating for this Kelly Ripa fan site. The designer is Brian from 3IP, one of the area's top designers. But he's so busy, the client wanted me to make some quick changes for her. No prob! Anyone know a cool cgi/java aplet for doing a poll kinda thing? She wants to add some hot-or-not type voting to some of her movie clips.

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