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12/29/2004 Entry: "Web and Wallpaper Blues"

You may have noticed the random quote generator isn't at the top of the page. Something happened to my cgi-bin, and there was no back-up of the script. I have no idea what it was called, so I can't just reinstall it. Maybe I have a copy of it on my work machine. My calendar also flew the coop, too. I found that one, and re-installed it, so it's back up.

For Christmas, we're redecorating Julia's room. It's got plaster walls, so I decided to put paintable wallpaper on it. That way, if we want to change the look, we just repaint. Well, after taking a little break, one 4 foot panel fell off the wall, and the remaining 4 or so panels were all peeling to varying degrees. My Mom--a pro wallpaperer--thinks the glue is old. So I have to re-do everything with wallpaper paste. So much for prepasted.

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UGH! I'm sure it will look fantastic when its done!!!!

Posted by Michelle @ 12/30/2004 04:25 PM EST

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