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01/07/2005 Entry: "MI-5"

1) What is your favorite holiday and why:
Halloween. It just goes along with my macarbre thing.

2) What is your least favorite holiday and why:
I never really saw much point in Earth Day. Or Arbor Day. Flag Day doesn't do much by me either.

3) Is there a holiday that you think should be observed more fervently, reverently, etc?
See my Christmas Eve post.

4) Do you have an idea for a holiday that doesn't exist yet?
How about Fortune Cookie Week? A Celebration of the Life of Martin Luther (the Protestant reformer)?

5) Our newest national holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, is coming right up. Do you celebrate it at all, and if so how? If not, how do you think it should be observed, if at all?
I get the day off from work, as it's one of our floating holidays. I think Julia and I will do something that day, though not nesecarilly in observance of MLK. Great dude, sure. But holiday? Why not for Malcom X too? Ben Franklin doesn't have a day. Neither does Moses. Or JFK. Or FDR, who was elected president four times! No days for them. I know it's not politically correct, but a day for MLK seems a little overboard, and perhaps mostly given out of a feeling of restitution.

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hi,just a comment about the ringo snare drum. i'm remobeli i bought the snare on your ebay link and shipped it over to the uk. first one i'd seen in a year! two days later i got a 20,12,14 bop kit. lot of money but when you have it you've got it forever. i remember collectors were nearly fainting when the bop jf's started to make $1000!

Posted by perry @ 01/12/2005 03:33 PM EST

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