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01/12/2005 Entry: "Giant post spanning dreams, work, guns, but no drums"

Wow! What's up with my posting schedule? Nothing fresh here for a couple of days. Used to be Billy Rhythm posted every day--every other day at least! Now, it's not unusual (to be loved by anyone) to find a post twice weekly. What's the deal?

Well, this week (and part of last week) it's been riparocks.com. I didn't design the site. I'm just helping with the upkeep. Anyway, the owner has had me make a bunch of changes. And then night before last I installed the message board, and that's an evening's worth of work right there--not counting the drum lessons I gave that night too.

I've even forgotten to throw out the props to Jimmy T and Paddy. JP, the bossman, has given the ok to put a small air rifle range in the attic of the MIS data center. So we've been all drooling over $500 target air rifles and pistols and whatever. Well one day Jim had this Baikal air pistol on his screen.

"What do you think of that?" he asked.

I said something to the effect of "Well, air pistols don't really do it for me."

That's were my foot went in. It seems Paddy and Jim had already ordered me one as a surprise gift! So when it came in, Paddy brought it over to me and said "What do you think of this." I told him how cool it was (which it is), how it seemed to have nice sights, and so on. He said "Could you see yourself owning one of these for like $50?" And I said "Hey, it seems like a real good deal for $50." He went back to his office, put it in the box, and gave it to me. They went on to tell me the whole story. I explained that, if I had money to spend on an air weapon, I'd spend it on a rifle. Rifle shooting is really my thing, with shotgun shooting next, and pistol third. But if someone decides to buy me a nice pistol, heck ya I'll shoot it! I've put a few rounds through it, and though it shot high. Paddy asked to take it for a night, and he found the same thing. (Glad to know my aim isn't that far off.) So he doing a little smithing to it to get 'er in line.

OK, this next little bit has some rated R sections. Use your mouse to highlight sections if you want the whole story.

I had this dream last night. I dreamt I was going to play drums and sing at the half-time show of Superbowl. The song? Something by Sade. Why some fat drummer from Maine was going to sing soul by some sexy North African is beyond me. But anyway, for the life of me I couldn't remember what song I was supposed to be singing. My cousin Janice (Yattaw) Cox gave me a hint: she gave me the first two words of the song. It was a man's name. (When I woke from the dream, I could remember the name. It's gone now, but it had a German spelling, with a couple of extra a's and u's than you would expect from the pronunciation.) So I went to Google, and typed in the name. It turns out the name was also the name of some Confederate hero from the Civil War! So instead of getting lyrics, I was getting biographical info on a Civil War soldier. I knew I was going to be up the creek.

The National Anthem finished. I knew I still had some time to figure out a) what song I was supposed to sing, and b) what the words were. Brian Gamage enters, as he was the guest singer for the Anthem. We chatted, and decided we'd hit the mens room. Rockland High used to have this weird sink in the boys room. It was a half circle, with the flat edge mounted flush to the wall. It had this bar mounted close to the floor, and when you needed water, you stepped on the bar. There was like this fountain head in the sink, and water flowed out of that in multiple small streams. Anyway, the urinal is this place was like that, sort of. It was this free standing trough in the middle of the room, and it curved and winded like a small river or something. To use, you just walked up and did your thing. No privacy wall or anything like that. So anyway, I approach this thing and drop trow, only to find I have a raging erection. Brian looks down, and says "Wow."

Then I woke up.

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