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01/20/2005 Entry: "New Kid Photos"

I know you've all been clamoring for new photos of the kids. So here you go. I hope you like 'em.

The boys eat carrots. This was from lunch today.

Next, we have a series we used for Christmas presents. Susan and Lisa (my sister) made photo frames with all the kids in them. So we have Julia in her denim skirt, and Nat in his denim coveralls, and Matt with some crazy smirk, and really cute looking toes! I think it was cousin Jen who gave the boys some sweaters. See, we dress them kinda alike, but not exactly. Stuff like the sweaters is right up the alley.

Last, Matthew slaps a kiss on next door neighbor Taylor.

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Cuteness! So it looks like Nat is representing the Blue States and Matt is representing the Red States?

Posted by Paddy @ 01/20/2005 03:26 PM EST

The resemblance between the boys and their dad post-carrots is amazing! LOL

Posted by Lisa @ 01/20/2005 03:26 PM EST

They are all beautiful. Love the carrots.

Posted by Michelle @ 01/21/2005 10:31 AM EST

Hey, great sweaters smile

They're so adorable...and Julia looks beautiful as always!

Posted by Cousin Jen @ 01/22/2005 08:21 PM EST

I kind of think the boys look alot like Grampy Bill!!

Posted by Vicki @ 02/01/2005 05:46 PM EST

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