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02/03/2005 Entry: "Web designs and Designers"

Crazy, man. That's what it's been. Today, I got the firm "go ahead" on two websites. One client wants a really simple page, but they don't understand the process. There's quite a bit of hand holding. But they're not computer heads, so they just don't know. I just need to keep reassuring them. "It's gonna be ok. I know what you want. Don't worry, let me do my thing, and it'll be fine." I think we got over the hump today. What had been two weeks of hemming, hawing, and deciding, ended today.

"We can keep all these things all little slippery, right? We can change when we need to, yes?"

Well, yes you can. But every time I need to change that button, I need to make a new graphic. And that's time, and that costs you money. So if you know ahead of time what you want, make the decision, and tell me for sure, than I can save you money by not having to double-back and re-do stuff. So they finally said "Here's what we need, now do it." Good. It shouldn't be too hard.

The other site seems like it will be a breeze. The guy is an artist, his wife a former graphic designer. They liked the template, colors, fonts, everything, first time through. Yea! But it's a big site, with lots of photos that are going to need cropping and whatnot.

I'll show you both when they're done.
Maggi Blue sent me this: Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1972. Yikes! What's with all the mackerel?

Maggi is a local web designer (read: friendly competitor) whose been doing some business with MIS recently. There's a local business networking group that she's gonna work with, and I saw her at a couple of meetings. Anyway, she's gonna do the MI-5 for tomorrow. Oh, and we're not really competing. She eats much higher on the food chain than I. I'm the little bitty designer. She's the big fish designer.

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PISH POSH - I am one of the least competitive (as far as design goes) ppl there is...in fact, I have done pro bono work for "competitors" because they needed help. AND these were jobs that I was passed over for by that client...lol. Kind of a secret revenge...smile

Big Fish Designer...wow...I have never thought of myself like that...maybe bottom feeder designer smile

Posted by Maggi @ 02/04/2005 10:09 AM EST

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