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02/05/2005 Entry: "The Friday Night/Saturday Morning Post"

So last night, Christian Funksters (doesn't that just sound strange???) Mack Economy and the Exchange played in Freeport. About 30 or so 16-22 year-olds showed up to listen. I was playing my copper snare and new Saluda 19" crash/ride. (I ordered the crash/ride directly from the owner of Saluda. I explained that I wanted a dry, washy, thin ride cymbal that had good crashability. What I got was a dry, thick cymbal that you have to hit hard to get a crash out of. It sounds ok, but it's not even close to what I wanted.) Anyway, I didn't wear earplugs for the first set, as I wanted to hear how everything sounded. I haven't played a gig without plugs in a long time. Bad news. I have a wicked sound hangover this morning. I didn't sleep well, my head hurts, and I feel all blech. I've gotta wear the plugs!

One of the two websites I'm working on is awaiting final approval. Maybe next week I can show it to ya!

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Wow! I sure wish I could have been there to hear ya'll play! smile

Got your card and just wanted to say thanks. You really know how to make a persons weekend bright! Hope everything is well with the family, and I'll be back again soon to check on you all! wink

Posted by Maria @ 02/07/2005 01:27 PM EST

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