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02/09/2005 Entry: "Just some thoughts that don't fall much into any category..."

I was taking Julia to school this morning, about 7:50. I guy goes by me, windows up, smoking a cigar. Now I like a cigar every now and again, but 8 in the morning? In a car? Yuck!

Susan and I have decided that we like eating a late supper. LAAAATTTEEE supper. Last night it was 9pm. The kids were all in bed. There was quiet. We could eat together in peace. It was very nice. Steak (again--good sale at Shaws), cheezy rice, and, no, not Szechwan vegetable medley. Instead, we had frozen peas and pearl onions in a light sauce, as made by Bird's Eye. Let me tell you, Mr. Man, these were the best peas I ever ate. I ate frozen peas before. (Canned peas are abysmal!) But I never really liked them. These peas I liked! I raved on and on to Susan, and she just sat there with a bemused smile, as if to say "My husband's fallen of the edge."

Counting Crows (one of my favorite bands) had a free-view concert on the satellite dish last weekend. I Tivo'd it, and found it contained footage of two other bands. Both of the other bands had front-men who played steel guitar. Not your regular country steel (which I love, BTW, and which my Uncle Ted played long ago), but hot blues steel. So I need to remember to check out Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals.

Joe Cat-a-lan-o (wew-wew-wew-wew-WEW-wew) wants to know about Cheesy Rice. Well, Minute Rice used to make the rice in cheese sauce that was soooo good. Real good. It was so good, I commanded to my lovely wife that the Batty household should never be without a box in the cupboard. But then, they stopped making it. But Susan picked up some other cheezy rice side-type dishes just to try. Well, the Rice-A-Roni "Cheesy Pleasers" Four Cheese variety is just as good as the Minute Rice version. I bought 4 boxes last night.

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I love that cheesey rice! In fact, Caleb and I have a box of it for lunch about once a week. Just the rice. Caleb loves all things rice.

Posted by Lisa @ 02/09/2005 06:43 PM EST

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