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02/11/2005 Entry: "MI-5"

Courtesy of Maggi again, who's so egocentric she can't give up the glory.

1. do you have a favorite animal?
Sorta, I guess. I like tarantulas. Humpback whales are cool. Hemit crabs are always nice.

2. do you have any stories regarding suicide?
What kinda questions are these? Alright, I'll answer, but nobody should wig, ok? Sometimes I think about if I were to commit suicide, how would I do it. I'd want to do it in a way that wouldn't freak Susan out. Right. Husband dead but not freak out--it doesn't make much sense. But what I mean is I wouldn't want her to walk into the bedroom and find me with my head gone. So here's my plan. Go down to the Co-op in Spruce Head, and borrow one of the local lobsterman's skiffs. Row out somewheres. Tie a cement block around my ankle. Better yet, use chain. Throw that over the side, but don't go over with it. Just let it dangle. Sit on the gunwale of the skiff. Lean seaward. Shoot self in head. Sink to bottom. See the plan here? Quick death from the shooting, and yet no mess to clean up later. How thoughtful.

3. what are your drug habits?
I'm going to have to use the loose definition, as I don't really have a "drug habit." I like coffee. I drink maybe four cups a day, fewer on the weekends. I sometimes enjoy a beer, maybe a sip of bourbon after a really hard day at the office. I've never been drunk, and I've never been high. I have no intentions of ever doing either.

4. do you sing along to music? dance?
Yes. If I don't know the words, I just make 'em up.

5. would you spell it "hoe" or "ho"?
It depends. Garden impliment is "hoe," streetwalkin' purveyor of naughty-joy is "ho."

Replies: 1 person has rocked the mic!

1. Gotta love my cats. I'm also quite fond of my rabbits and my son's hamster. I guess I like anything soft, cute, and fluffy.

2. Don't really have any suicide thoughts. I can't stand the thought of my children growing up without their mother, so I don't go there.

3. Four advil for a big headache. Absolutely no alcohol. No cigaretts. Don't even take the pain killers the doctors prescribe. Can't be without the Advil though. (Does Chocolate count??? If so, I'm in trouble!)

4. Love to sing along. Love to dance along. Don't do either well.

5. Garden tool is "hoe". Funny. I thought the other type was "whoe". You know, just leave out the "r". Shows you how much I know about street language!

Posted by Lisa @ 02/11/2005 05:20 PM EST

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