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03/03/2005 Entry: "New Twin Photo"

Back in December, Susan was wearing her twin sling, carrying both boys out of Wal-Mart. This guy stopped her, identified himself as a portrait photographer, and asked to take a shot of the boys. Susan obliged. He gave her his card, and said he'd drop off a photo of his shot. Today, he dropped off this image. Be forwarned--it's big. But I wanted it to look as good on screen as it does in person. In person, you can really see the difference in the boys' eyes. So thanks to Gary Briechle. (He doesn't have a web site, or I'd link to it.)

Hey Gary--you want to talk to me about building you a website? :-)

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They are gorgeous and getting so big. You must be so proud!

Posted by Michelle @ 03/04/2005 11:11 AM EST

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