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03/04/2005 Entry: "Paddy's March MI-5"

1) Do you listen to Celtic music leading up to and on St. Patrick's Day? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day at all?
No, no Celtic music really. Do I celebrate it? No, not really. Ma (my paternal grandmother) usually makes the whole corned beef and cabbage thing, but I don't really like it too much. Corned beef sandwich. Love it. Boiled dinner? Not really.

2) Do you do anything to observe the Spring Equinox? Ever try the egg balancing act?
No spring equinox thing. I have tried the egg balancing act. It ended badly, and my left ear hasn't been the same since. Susan has actually completed the act, and never lets me forget it. She emerged embarrassed, but otherwise unscathed.

3) Does Easter entail any special ritual or tradition in your life?
Well, Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of the Savior, so that has special significance for me. One thing I don't like about Easter is this... Early Christians would celebrate Easter by greeting other Christians saying "He is risen." The other person would say "He is risen indeed." The tradition was brought to my church by Steve Bennett I think. Now every Easter, some one drags it up. For me, it's some empty, rote, now-meaningless tradition. "How are you?" Everyone says "good," regardless. Empty tradition. So it is with me with the "risen" thing. The only reason people say it is to get the reaction back. In my opinion, of course.

I also remember fondly Easter egg hunting in the woods behind Camden Hospital when Dad was employed there years ago. And, we still continue the egg hunt at my parents house, only now our kids are doing the hunting. Don't forget to check the ladle!

4) An early spring? Do you have a recollection of one to share?
Don't have one.

5) The Grapefruit League is getting underway this month, what do you think about the BoSox chances this year?
I love grapefruit juice! That's about all I have for that one.

Replies: 1 person has rocked the mic!

1. Ditto what my brother said--only I LOVE the corned beef and cabbage.

2. Never celebrated the Spring Equinox. Don't even know what the egg balancing thing is. Guess I'll have to ask Sue.

3. Ditto what my brother said. I might add that my husband STILL has to compete with the kids on the egg hunt.

4. Ditto what my brother said.

5. Don't know what the Grapefruit League is. Hate grapefruit juice. Started watching the Red Sox during the end of last season (didn't we all?). HOPE they win the World Series again, of course. Don't have enough baseball knowledge to KNOW if they will.

Posted by Lisa @ 03/04/2005 12:07 PM EST

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