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03/15/2005 Entry: "Orgasam?"

If you misspell orgasm as "orgasam" in the Alta Vista image search, something like this comes up, probably much to chagrin of the searcher.

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

Wow. That is a wonderoful shot.

Posted by Paddy @ 03/15/2005 05:26 PM EST

OMG! Too funny!!!!! big grin

Posted by Maria @ 03/15/2005 06:20 PM EST

Too funny!!!!!! big grin

Posted by Michelle @ 03/15/2005 09:20 PM EST

i still have that tama rosewood snare drum... my comp got real messed up a while ago. i would probably sell it to you though... hit me with an email ill send you pictures. mdameo@comcast.net

Posted by mike dameo @ 03/16/2005 07:58 PM EST

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