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03/17/2005 Entry: "Dave's dead, baby. Dave's dead."

Have you been keeping track of Dave's blog? Probably not, as he usually only posts something about once every two weeks. Until the bum goes to Hawaii, that is. Then he blogs every day. "Woke up to sun, went surfing, ate Mahi, had a cocktail and cigar, played golf, went to the club, came home. Day 2: Woke up to sun, went surfing, ate Mahi..." I tell you, when this guy gets back to the office, we're gonna kill him!

In other news, it hasn't snowed yet today, and it only snowed a little yesterday!

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Hi Billy,
this is a delayed response to your post about the Battle of the Bands in '86 from last year. I was the singer/guitarist of Pilots on Drugs (I got bored one day and was doing google searches on a bunch of my old bands), and remember you guys well. It was fun to bring that day back to mind, and I'm happy you're still so passionate about the drums.
As for me, I'm still playing music in a band called The Normans in Austin Texas. I miss Maine, but I don't miss the winters at all!
Anyhoo, thanks for jogging that nice memory!

Posted by Brent Baldwin @ 04/05/2005 03:20 AM EST

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