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03/23/2005 Entry: "Basic "What's going on in my life" stuff"

My postin' is drying up. When I get home at night, I do a bunch of computer type stuff, and when I'm done I just shut down for the night. Anyway... I've been doing a bunch of little changes for the Kelly Ripa fan site. The owner told me today that she's ready to slow down a little. That's ok by me. I bet I've been doing an evenings work for her every week for a month or two. When you add in the other sites I'm trying to knock out, the brain's a little tired. Without that maintenence going on, I can start the Northern Kingdom web site in earnest. Two other sites (a nursing home and a contractor) haven't given me any info yet, so that's not happening yet. Then at the tradeshow this weekend (oh yeah, I worked Saturday and Sunday, thus no posts on those days), I picked up another guy who wants a site done.

In other news, some of you know about my Dad's current battle with renal cancer--which spread to his lungs and brain. We got news on Sunday that was a little unsettling. One doctor said his tumors were breaking up and disolving, and another doctor said no, the cancer was spreading, and he had a month or two left. Seems strange two doctors can have the same info, and yet reach such opposing conclusions. He goes down to Boston on Monday to see his specialist, Dr. Appleman. Next time you're praying, why not mention my Dad to God for me, ok?

In other bad, but not quite so depressing news, Matthew's got an ear infection. He's just getting over one, and now he's got one in the other ear. Yee haw. That explains his sleep (or lack thereof) patterns. He got me up at 5:30 this AM, and then didn't go back down. Punk.

In auction news, I've got a listing for Blind Albert running right now. There are two snare's I'm keeping my eye on. One is a Tama birdseye maple with Gladstone style 3-way tuning lugs. That means you can tune the bottom drum head from the top side of the drum. The seller doesn't say anything about this feature at all, so if you don't know what you're looking for, you won't notice it. Hopefully, it goes cheap. So I don't jinx anything, I'm not posting a link, but you can email me if you want the item #.

And lastly, in other work/auction news, I'm teaching an ebay class tomorrow night. Only one slot left. 14 students already signed up; it's going to be a big class.

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