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03/25/2005 Entry: "MI-5, which I hijacked from Maggie"

Courtesy of the phrase Gnip Gnop falling out of my brain the other day...

1) What board/card game was your favorite to play as a child?
Clue was a big favorite mine. I always played Professor Plum. I had this really neat notebook system for keeping track of who had what in the notebook--little circles and squares and checks. I'd also keep track of what I showed to whom, in an effort to perhaps show them the same card twice. I was pretty good at it.

2) What board/card game is your favorite to play as an adult?
Trivial Pursuit wins hands down. Susan bought me a Star Wars edition, and we drag that out every now and again, and I absolutely cream her! Luckily for her, Julia's a little Star Wars fan, and is often a big help to Mommy.

3) What game did you want as a child, but never received?
Ahh, Gnip Gnop was one of those. Payday was another one. Eric and Laurie Hansen had Payday and Life, and we'd play those when we visited them. (Laurie and Eric had all kids of cool games, including a small pinball machine, Operation, Ants in the Pants, and Don't Break the Ice.)

4) What outside games did you play with your friends when you were young? What was your favorite? Why?
Kick the Can was fun. We also played a game called, ahem, Negro Knockin. Of course, it wasn't called Negro back then. But when you're a youngster, you don't always think about such things. I have no idea why it was called that. It involved sneaking around the neighborhood, peeking in the windows to find someone up, then pounding on the windows to wake them up. Melanie Yattaw was always big into this game, so Jim Snow (Melanie's next door neighbor) always got the first knock.

5) Have you ever considered buying a vintage game/toy that you used to own? What was it? Did you get it?
I have this memory of playing with ghostly Colorforms while at Aunt Ginny's house in Camden. When I was thinking about Gnip Gnop the other day, I remembered these Colorforms. I may try to snag a set off ebay. I also had this cool 'Undersea Adventure' diorama type thing, complete with boat, shark, shark cage, and other undersea creatures. I'd buy one of those if I could ever find one.

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