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03/25/2005 Entry: "Terry Schiavo"

May I ruminate on Terri Schiavo? And a little bit on the liberal media bias? Fine.

I followed a link on Ron's site to Newsday's coverage on the trial. There, they had a pictorial on the case--75 photos to be exact. I looked through them all. After I got about half way in, I noticed a trend. The first shot is a shot of some right-to-life people praying in front of a cross. Then there are a bunch of photos of people who side with Terri's parents. Photos of people being arrested for protesting the removal of the feeding tube. Photos of more protesters. Photos of Christians. Basically, Newsday found as many unflattering photos as they could showing people who support leaving/putting the feeding tube in. In fact, you have to go the the 58th of 75 photos before you find a picture of Michael Shiavo! You have to be sixty images in before you get a photo of Terri!!! Almost all the other photos are there to paint those who believe Terri should be allowed to live as raving lunatics.

My feelings are these: If I can't breathe on my own, or my heart can't beat on its own, then unplug me. If it's a feeding tube, leave it in. What if I were in a coma? I could breathe on my own, but due to the fact I'm unconscious, I can't eat. Would you not feed me then? Terri's conscious, for crying out loud. She looks around, smiles at her mother and listens when she speaks. If it were me, I'd leave the tube in.

But it's not me! The decision on pulling the plug is Michael Schiavo's. If he and is wife discussed it before hand (and I understand there's a question if they actually did or not), then that's where the decision belongs. The decision to pull my plug lies with Susan, my wife--not my Mom and Dad. Susan knows my feelings: pull a heart/lung machine, don't pull a feeding tube. (In fact, due to the legal skills of my sister, Susan and I have a living will, on paper, in the safe.) But it will be up to Susan, not my parents, to honor my wishes.

"For this cause, a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh" (Genesis 2:24)

To make my thoughts clear: I don't think pulling a feeding tube is the right thing to do; other people may feel differently, and that's their right; if the courts allow the pulling of a feeding tube, and someone wants to, so be it--even though I don't agree; the decision of when to pull a plug is between husband and wife (or next of kin).

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I don't really have a set opinion. But as my sister has pointed out, and I agree,
if she is a vegetable and can't feel, the reason for pulling the feeding tube, why are they feeding her morphine? Now that's a run on sentence. Cringe grammar master, cringe.

Posted by Ad-Rock @ 03/30/2005 06:46 PM EST

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Posted by gegggghbnhytky @ 04/04/2005 04:23 PM EST

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