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04/01/2005 Entry: "Power to the People!"

I'm playing a gig at Joshua's Tavern tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight, I'm playing my Tama copper snare. Which snare should I play tomorrow night? Let me know!

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I am going to be there and I want to see the bearing edge!!!

Posted by Jim @ 04/01/2005 07:31 PM EST

I want to see the Phattie Drums Cocktail Drum, because green is my favorite color!

Posted by Eben @ 04/01/2005 07:49 PM EST

Hmmm, I am thinking Stewart Copeland would be a fine choice. If not, drop some Dynasonic flava on their asses!

Posted by Paddy @ 04/02/2005 02:13 PM EST

Sorry, Jim and Eben. The Bearing Edge is at the church--it's not here. And, I don't have a key anymore. Eben, the Phattie snare is too small to play as a primary snare drum. It's more an auxillary drum. So I'll take it, but I'll still need a primary snare. You two can re-vote. cool eh?

Posted by Billy Rhythm @ 04/02/2005 02:26 PM EST

I read your article on the ludwig ghost pedal and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some information on how to fix one or know of someone who might be able to repair one in the Canadian maritimes. Could you e-mail me a response? Thank you.
(It has no return)

Posted by Mike @ 04/02/2005 03:23 PM EST

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