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04/06/2005 Entry: "Refrigerator Madness"

So yesterday, after much cajoling, back-biting, misinformation, and sneaky underhandedness, we managed to have Cam and JP snag us some pizza from Ricetta's. I split a Ricetta's eponymous pie ( fresh tomato slices, prosciutto, sauteed scallions with garlic, ricotta cheese, and a sprinkling of mozzarella) with Paddy and his Abondanza (fire roasted peppers and onions with hot Italian homemade sausage on top of mozzarella and our homemade pizza sauce). It was 3pm by the time the pizza arrived here from Portland, so I had a very late lunch. After eating two slices of each variety, I decided to put the rest in the fridge for later. It was a tight squeeze getting the box in, so I opened the door all the way.

When I did, the door fell off.

Apparently, that little screw I swept up off the kitchen floor and threw away the other day was the screw that held the bottom hinge-pin on the fridge door. When I opened the door all the way, it went past the hinge stop, and the pin dropped out. Since the lower pin was now gone, there was nothing holding the door up. Except my shoulder. I exclaimed "Holy Cow!" or somesuch, and Susan said "What's wrong?"

"Well, honey, the door fell off the refrigerator."

I spent the last 1/2 hour of my lunch putting it back on. Even then, I missed a little washer, and now the door doesn't close as smoothly as it once did. I think we're going to break into the snare drum fund and grab a new black side-by-side.

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Heed my words: NEVER throw away fasteners, especially if you don't know what they are from. It will come back to haunt you later. I have an eight tray bin of various screws, bolts, nuts and other fasteners collected over the years and I am never without the right part.

Posted by Paddy @ 04/07/2005 09:37 AM EST

The snare drum fund has enough to buy a refrigerator! Holy Cow!

Posted by Jim @ 04/07/2005 12:34 PM EST

That is one nice fridge. Wow!

Posted by Michelle @ 04/07/2005 12:36 PM EST

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