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04/07/2005 Entry: "Nantucket Steamship"

If you mix up Cleveland Steamer (gross PG-13 link, no images) with Nantucket Sleigh Ride, you come up with Nantucket Steamship. This phrase was invented by me months ago. I leave it hear for posterity. The phrase "Nantucket Steamship" means nothing, but when you start to hear it all over the country, realize that it started here. You are now free to disseminate the phrase as you see fit.

"When I see him again, I'm gonna give him a Nantucket Steamship."
(In Mafioso voice) "Take Vinny and Guido, find that rat, and take him for a ride on the Nantucket Steamship."
"I saw this Honda Accord with glowing wiper blades and 6" exhaust pipe, all Nantucket Steamship-ed out!"
"Anyone wanna play a rousing game of Nantucket Steamship?"

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Hi There,

Darren Payson recommended your DJ services. He will be my brother in law next year. I coudln't find contact info. anywhere on your website. I am interested in possibly booking you for 7/22/06. My number is 354-0858. Thanks, Jen Molloy

Posted by Jennifer Molloy @ 04/07/2005 02:19 PM EST

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