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04/08/2005 Entry: "MI-5, ripped from Mel and Given to Gina"

1. Do you tend to have lots of friends or just a couple of good friends? Not counting your significant other, who would you consider to be your best friend and why? Fictitous names are fine.
I have a fair amount of "friends," but not to many "good" friends. I don't really have a "best" friend (other than Susan), but I do have a few who are high on the list. Jimmy T and I have been buds the longest, and we always seem to work through the hard times. And my Dad is a really good friend. He was my best man, in fact.

2. Did you have a “best” friend in school? If so, do you keep in contact with them now?
I had several, depending on the school. In grade school, Denny Davis was my best friend. In high school (up until Junior year) it was Nate Butler. Junior year and on it was Susan. I have no idea what Denny is up to. I saw him at a gig in So'West Harbor several years ago, and he was a commercial fisherman. Nate was working for LL Bean in there call center and working on a music/history degree when I saw him 2-3 years ago at his sister's wedding. I see Susan every day. :-)

3. Have you ever been surprised to find that someone, who you thought you’d never be friends with, is now someone you enjoy? If so, what were the circumstances that made them a friend?
I remember in grade school we used to pick on David Mahonen. I can remember chasing him down one day on the playground and knocking him down and taking his hat. I had to write on the board over and over "I will not take Dave's Hat." And then somehow we became friends. After that, all through grade school, we'd play together, sleep over, fish, that kinda thing. In junior high we weren't really in the same classes, so we grew apart afer that, but his family and our family are still friends.

4. In your grandparents (or great-grandparents) day, having close friends of the opposite sex was often frowned upon. What do you see as being the advantages and/or disadvantages of having close friends of the opposite gender?
I'm with Paddy on this one. Sometimes, a female friend can help you get into the mind of your wife/S.O. But you can't be too close, or then the wife will think something's going on. But I do have a couple of gals/girls/ladies/women I'd call freinds.

5. Tell us about a day or an event that you felt lucky to have the friend(s) you do.
Moving day. This shows who your true friends are.

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Billy Rhythym, I would love to talk to you a bit about the Ludwig Jazz Combo you restored. Would you please contact me at my email address above?



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