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04/15/2005 Entry: "Thanks to Design Guru Jimmy "T" Thompson"

I've been working on this web site for Northern Kingdom Music. I had one design that I really liked. But I made three options, and they picked one, and it wasn't the one I liked. The one they picked was more plain. The one I liked had this nicer guitar header graphic that spanned the whole page. The guys were afraid the guitar might make people think they were a guitar only store, instead of the full featured music shop they are. I was bemoaning my fate to Jim one day, and he told me something he learned while studying design in college. His professor told him that if they had a design they were adamant about, they should explain to the client why it was better, and convince them to go with it. If they still wouldn't buy into the plan, the professor said you should scrap the idea altogether, and try something else. Don't put out a product you don't like, 'cause it's gonna have your name on it, and it'll follow you around. I took the advice, called NKM, made them some more sample pages, and showed them the layout I liked wouldn't scream "guitar shop." This time around, they agreed! So thanks Jim for the good advice!

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