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04/15/2005 Entry: "Rachael Ray, for my Sister"

My sister is a big Rachael Ray fan. I bet she doesn't realize how much inuendo she slips into her daily cooking show. Luckily, Dirty Minute Meals reveals all. The site even points to some hottie style Rachael Ray pictures. Yow!

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WOW!!! The only othey guy on the planet that knows about the ghost. We've got one. It's so cool, we would neveer part with it. I'm Beth, the one writing...Tom, the hubbie, is the one playing with all of his totally cool drum stuff in the basement. He just asked me to find out the value of the ghost. i asked him to bring it to me upstairs and we just admired it for awhile before I began my quest of researching the ghost. What a cool pedal. so quiet and smmoth. No chain...Does anyone else own one, or are we the only ones?

Posted by Tom & Beth @ 04/15/2005 08:18 PM EST

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