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04/18/2005 Entry: "Church and State Quiz"

Church and State Quiz

Congratulations! You scored 18 correct out of 21! 18 - 21: Wow! First Amendment Scholar

Some items that are somewhat misleading, though. If I may...
"How many times does the Declaration of Independence refer to Christianity or Jesus? 0. There is no mention of Jesus, Christ, Christianity, religious persecution, or religious freedom in the Declaration of Independence."
True, but God and the Creature of Nature are both referenced.

"A president, being sworn in, is required to place a hand on the Holy Bible and say "so help me, God." False. The oath of office does not mention a deity or the bible."
That is true, but wouldn't it have been nice to note that every American president has added that phrase on their own, starting with George Washington. (FDR forgot it one year, but he added it the other years he took the oath.) The same is true for the president putting their hand on the Bible. It's not required, but most, have done it. (Only J.Q. Adams, using a law book instead.)

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