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04/22/2005 Entry: "Paddy's Way Back MI-5"

It's Time Machine Time! Let's roll back the clock on:

1) Your TV. You can tune in any show from your childhood (through your teens), what do you watch?
Emergency. Man, I love that show. In fact, last night I had the Tivo unit look and see if it was playing anywhere. It isn't. Shucks. TV Land needs to bring that show back, that's for sure! During the commercials, though, I'd probably channel surf over to Johnny Quest. Not the new ones, mind. They stink. The old ones. The ones where the bad guy ends up dead at the end. Yeah! Those are the ones. Now, if anyone's got an early 70s Dodge utility bodied truck for sale, let me know!

2) Your body. You have the opportunity to start over at any point in your life from birth until now, what age do you pick? (meaning that you are living in 2005, but at the age you picked to roll back to)
Probably right out of high school. I was about 60 pounds lighter, much more in shape than now (though I was no marathon runner by any stretch), and really in my prime, I think.

3) Your career. Think you could do it better this time? Tell us where you'd (re)start:
I think I would've gone for a marketing/communications degree instead of English. At the time, though, I thought I wanted to teach. But I really like the P/R side of the work I've done, both for Wal-Mart and for MIS.

4) A relative. You have the choice of traveling back to witness one relative as they were at 18, 35 and 50 (if all apply). Who do you choose and why?
I'd like to visit my great-grandmother, known to me as Grammy. I think she probably saw the most change in the world, thus I would get to see the most differences between her respective ages.

5) A pet. You can go and bring one pet back from the past. Which lucky fluffball is it?
My basset hound, Nosy. (Hey, he was named when we got him!) I only had him like three months before he was hit by a car. And he was my only dog. The only other big pet I had of my own was Spike Virgil (my Aunt promised to buy him a toy if I stuck her name in there) Marmalade Batty. (Batty cats tend to have long names, starting with Candace Anne Elizabeth Marie Baitbag Batty III.) He was a good cat, loved the water, loved to swim, and loved cheese doodles. But we had many years together, which I didn't get with Nosy.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

1. Funny,the show that came to my mind instantly was Johnny Quest. It was really "my brother's show", but I always watched it with him. Emergency was a great one, too. I'd like to see new episodes of The Waltons and Dr. Quinn. I'd also like to see the old episodes of Days of Our Lives.

2. I'd probably go back to 1985. I was never skinny, but when I was a cheerleader I was much more in shape.

3. I originally went to college to be a business teacher, but with technology the way it is today, the business teachers of "old" really don't exist today (typing, shorthand, etc.). I might still like to teach. Or, I wish I had the money and the drive to open my own bridal or scrapbooking store. My career goal was never to be a paralegal, and it still isn't. I'm still just not sure what my career goal is...

4. My first thought was my grandmother, Ma. I love her stories. But you picked a good one, too, Bill, especially with all of Grammy's life on the lighthouses.

5. I'd bring back Candy Ann of course. Although Nicole Lee Blue Runt Grub Jezebel Doodlebarious Batty Wight has always been a great cat, Candy, my childhood best friend, is still missed. I've also always felt really bad about the fish that we lost in the house fire. It might be nice to give them another chance, too.

Posted by Lisa @ 04/22/2005 12:25 PM EST

1. I think I would like to see Miss Frances and Ding Dong Bell School and maybe Romper Room. We had one of the few TV's in town when they first hit Spruce Head. We watched anything...it didn't matter. Also, Agnes Gibbs and cooking show was a favorite. Everyone ran home from school and came to our house to watch it...me, my brothers, and their friends.

2. It would either be when I was six, or 23. My weight was a non-issue both times.

3. I think I would be one of three choices: a civil engineer, an author, or an artist. Maybe a singer too. If I could just once sing something in key in church, I could die a happy woman.

4. I think it would be Nanny, Ma's mother. I never knew her but it seems that everyone loved her. She sang, wrote poetry, and did all sorts of creative things. She died so young that she didn't a chance to do a lot of things that we take for granted.

My favorite pet was my cat Killa. I left him behind when I got married and moved to New York. He got run over shortly after that. He is buried beside my childhood playhouse. There used to be a little cross there. I'll have to see if it is still there.

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 04/22/2005 03:21 PM EST

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