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04/22/2005 Entry: "Props to my Wife and Paddy"

So I've forgotten to deal out some props this week. First to Susan. She kicked it into overdrive this week, and did a bunch of spring cleaning. The house looks scads better than it has the last nine months. Then , she did this sweet thing for me. With Julia on vacation from school, I didn't have to get up at my normal 6:30 wake-up. Instead, I could sleep until about 7am. In theory. But Matthew still got up somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Well yesterday morning, he woke up a little before 6, I think. Even though he's my responsibility (she looks after Nat in the night), she got up with him so I could have one day of sleeping "late."

Thanks to Paddy for his Yo-Yo generosity. He's given me three yo-yos, I think, the most recent being a yellow Duncan with the cowboy from Sugar Corn Pops on the back. He also fixed my original purple Duncan Imperial by putting a new back on it. (The old one had a little crack.) He got a purple Imperial in a lot of yos he bought, and he sacrificed the back for my old childhood yo. Thanks, Paddy.

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