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05/02/2005 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

So, what went down with Billy Rhythm this weekend? You mean, other than my site's cgi-bin? (No big whoop; you couldn't leave comments for a day or so. It's fixed now.) Let's see. Friday night I was home. We got the kids to bed, and enjoyed nice steaks on the grill, szeschuan vegetables, and lo mein noodles. Delicious! Saturday morning I was at the MIS world headquarters until noon. Then home to watch the boys so Susan could go grocery shopping. At 5pm I left for my gig @ Brian Boru in Portland. 12:30am came, and breakdown was completed by 1:10am. The normal 1 1/2 hour trip was much longer due to the crazy fog! I got into bed at around 3:30am.

Up at 7:45. Had to be on the road by 8:30am to be at my gig in Lewiston by 10am. It was a steel drum festival with about a dozen other steel drum bands there. We were slated to play our three songs at 1:30. Amazingly, everything ran mostly on time. The organizers asked the participants to please stay the whole day. Hey, I'm a hired gun sideman; I can't stay. So back home a little after 4pm. A little play time with the boys, and then a 45 minute snooze before church. Played my "church gig," then took Julia home. Then to Three Button Deluxe practice for the wedding this Saturday. Due to the fact I play with some top notch musicians, even though we haven't practiced in a while, the tunes came off well, no major mistakes, and lot of laughs. (Clarke took this one solo that I thought sounded like a drunk guy trying to cross the street! It was out there. But it was good in its own way. Just not in the particular tune we were playing.)

Schedule for this week? Well, I've got a new website to work on. Two of my regular drum lessons aren't happening this week, so that's nice. No adult ed classes either. Looks like I may have a pretty light week. Let's see what I say about it on Friday!

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