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05/11/2005 Entry: "Welcome Hank, and the Baby Freak-Out"

Just a quick hello to Henry Dugan, my old band mate, radio sales rep, and friend. He told me today he checks in from time to time. I reminded him he should check in every day!

My drum lesson tonight canceled. So that left a "free" evening. I took apart Julia's old bed, and pulled it downstairs. This left room for Susan to set up the cribs for the boys in Julia's old room. No more babies sleeping in our room. Hooray! After I finished that, I brought the CD collection in from the garage and put them away. Then, the boys started crying. Hard. Both of them. Just not happy at all. It's now 8:03. Nat has finally fallen asleep, but Matt's still wailin' away. We haven't even started making supper yet. We're just gonna order a pizza from Snappys. Having twins is a sure fire way to be taught patience. I've gone from having none to having slightly more than none.

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I think I have the Slingerland Radio King snare you are looking for. It is in excellent playable condition. It's all original except for possibly the snare strainer. It has the seperate lugs for each head etc.


Posted by Don Stevenson @ 05/16/2005 04:21 PM EST

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