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05/12/2005 Entry: "A Follow Up To Last Night's Post"

Putting the boys in the same room was not the right thing to do. At a little after midnight, Nat woke up crying. His crying woke his brother. So Susan took Nat, and went into our room. I took Matt, and rocked him to sleep in his room. Nat wouldn't go back to sleep, so Susan took him downstairs. She came back up around 3am or so. As soon as she put Nat down, Matt woke up again! She, having been up for three hours already, needed sleep more than me, so I took Matt downstairs for a bottle. And of course, I had to be up at 6am to be at the dentist by 7am. Oh what fun! The plan now is to have them sleep apart; one will sleep in their room, and one (probably Matt, who's usually a good sleeper) will sleep in Julia's room.

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