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05/13/2005 Entry: "Maggie Blue MI-5"

Experiences, memories and emotions related to colors…
Maggie says...

"I have a very strong connections between emotions and certain experiences as related to certain colors. What is the first or strongest emotion or memory that comes to mind when you think about the following colors…"

1. red
Fire trucks. Engine #4. When I first started school at Guilford B. Butler, the town fire station was located in the basement below the school. There were two trucks then: Engine 4 and Engine 3. Engine 3 is ugly Just look at it! Gross. What kid would aspire to drive something like that? No, for me it was Engine #4 that was my love. About two years ago, she sold at auction through the Owls Head Transportation Museum. I've often thought I should ask for the name of the winner, so I could send him a letter asking for first refusal should he ever decided to sell her.

2. blue
Blue reminds me of my "blue" period, circa 1987-88. I had a bit of a funk for a year or two. I read Ecclesiasties frequently, as well as Satre, Camus, O'Neil, and a bunch of other existentialists. In fact, my friend Morgan Holland duped me a "theological existentialist." Eventually, I came full circle. I realized that if this was all life had to offer, I'd better stop moping around and make sure I lived like there was no tomorrow. Some of my favorites from the time period? O'Neil's "Long Day's Journey Into Night" and "Before Breakfast." Also this little gem from Ecclesiasties 4:2 + 3:

"And I declared that the dead,
who had already died,
are happier than the living,
who are still alive.

But better than both
is he who has not yet been,
who has not seen the evil
that is done under the sun."

3. green
Dad's old Rambler wagon was green, and also had a very unique smell.

4. orange
On my first real hunting trip, Uncle Ash took me up above Aurora. (He told me it was always tradition to stop into Mace's store.) I had an old hunter orange vest that came from somewhere, but the straps to tie it closed had come off. Mom sewed some new ties on that she made from white yarn. I remember Uncle Ash was concerned about that little bit of white, and that perhaps a hunter might mistake it for the back end of a whitetail deer. I remember thinking that if some hunter thought three little white strings in a field of blaze orange was the rear end of a deer, then they shouldn't be in the woods at all, let alone carrying a firearm.

5. yellow
Yellow is my mother's favorite color. Yellow was also the color if the Boy Scout neckerchief. I even had my school photo taken in my uniform one year!

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I totally loved "Long Days Journey Into Night"!!!!

Green for me would have been our old pea green station wagon when I was a kid! razz

Posted by Maria @ 05/15/2005 07:11 PM EST

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