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05/19/2005 Entry: "Crazy Dreams About Drums"

I had another dream. Not last night, but the night before. I was in some shopping mall when my cell phone rang. It was Kevin Pinson, owner of Bearing Edge Drums (the company that made Wellman). Now in real life, talk on the drum message boards is that Kevin is really flaking out. Delivery times are in the one year range, people are sending him stuff to fix and not getting it back, stuff like that. So I've decided that I'll not be doing business with him in the future. So when he called (in my dream) I was real shocked. "Hey Bill, it's Kevin. I've got your drums all done. And I had a delivery to make, so I'm here in Maine (he really lives in Georgia)."

In my dream, my memory was jogged. "I ordered that set from you 16 months ago! It's about time it's done! I completely forgot I had ordered it! I'd just written it all off."

"Nope, I've got 'em right here. 20" bass, 10" tom, and 16" floor tom, in candy apple red." Now I knew something was up. I already have three sets with 20" basses. I have no need for another. And candy apple red? I'd never order that.

"Those aren't my sizes or color" I told him. He shuffled some papers. I could hear it over the phone, and could tell he was in his car. (Isn't it amazing that in my dreams I can hear papers rustling and know the sound came from inside a vehicle, and then wake up and remember that detail?!)

"Oh, sorry Bill. This set belongs to someone else."

"Yeah," I said, "but now that you've jogged my memory, when's the kit I did order gonna be delivered? He hung up on me. But he said he was in Maine, so I decided to find a cop. I found Rockland officer Lloyd Daniels. I explained that this guy from Georgia had my money, didn't deliver the drums, and was now in Maine. Was there anything I could do? He said there was. We began running through the mall, looking for Kevin Pinson.

Officer Daniels then said to me "Kevin's a smoker. Let's go to the mall smoking area. Eventually, he'll show up there. He'll need a smoke." So that's where we went. We staked the place out. Then I woke up.

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Amazing things from this story.

Daniels was a cop at the Maine Mall.
Daniels knew who Kevin was despite him being from out of state and also that he smoked.
That Kevin would resort to the mall smoking area instead of just heading outside.

Don't ya love dreams?

Posted by Swede @ 05/19/2005 07:43 PM EST

Man, that sounds like a great made for TV movie plot to me!

Posted by Flattop @ 05/20/2005 10:33 AM EST

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