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05/20/2005 Entry: "MI-5"

It was supposed to be Maggi's turn. I maybe stepped on her toes, but when her questions weren't to me by lunch time, I just went ahead and made my own 5. Here they are. Maggi's may be coming by later; we'll see.

1. You're being honored by one of the major award shows (Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Pulitzer, etc.). What one is it, and what is it for?
I'm hoping it's a Grammy. And I'm hoping it's for my drumming performance and/or drum sound for the debut album of my funk band.

2. You're writing a book. Actually, a book and its sequal. What are the two titles?
I've always thought "A Winter of Tuesdays" would make a great title for a book. The follow-up would be "Autumn Fallings." The would both be books of my somewhat depressing poetry.

3. Once, twice, three times a lady. What famous ladies (or guys for you ladies) would you invite to the follow-up party for the prize you got in #1?
So I need three females to hang with me at my post-Grammy party? I'd pick Sarah McLachlan, Lisa Loeb, and if death were not a problem, Billie Holiday. If I can only pick live people, then substitute Billie with Diana Krall.

4. A restaurant is making a sandwich in your honor. What 4 ingredients are on it?
Corned beef, sauteed onions, spicy brown mustard, rye bread.

5. It's five minutes before midnight. What are you doing?
Odds are, I'm sleeping. If not that, I'm rocking a baby. If not that, I'm rocking the drum kit.

Replies: 1 person has rocked the mic!

1. Well, I guess I would like to have a Tony. That would probably mean I could dance, act, and sing, at least a little bit. (Can't do any of them now.) Maybe I could be Liesel in the Sound of Music, or Sandy in Grease.

2. I'd probably write a series of scrapbooking how-tos for mothers. Something like, "Countertop Scrapbooking in 10 Minutes"; and "Scrapbooking with Children Tugging on Your Arm".

3. That's tough. Famous guys don't necessarily "do it" for me anymore. Maybe Regis Philbin, Ty Pennington, and Donald Trump.

4. Roast beef, sharp cheddar cheese, onion rings (not onion slices--fried onion rings). As the 4th ingredient, I'd have au jus served on the side.

5. Sleeping, most probably. If I'm awake, I'd be in bed watching Jay Leno.

Posted by Lisa @ 05/20/2005 02:44 PM EST

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