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05/21/2005 Entry: "Date Wrap-Up"

Ahh, last night! It was great! My inlaws picked up the kids, and left a little after six. We were at the restaurant a little before our 7pm reservation. We chose a seat near the spacious windows, overlooking the golf course and the ocean beyond. The menu had changed from what's posted on-line. The entrees were better; the appetizer choices were not as good. The escargots baked en croute I was so looking forward to was gone. The new escargots were now served with fois gras. And for some reason, I just have no desire to try duck liver. So the meal went like this:

1) Complimentary little appetizer. It had it's own French name (it wasn't an appetizer or hors douvre--it was called something else), you didn't order it, and it was just presented to you. It was smoked duck on crostini with onion, pear, and beet remoulade. I'm not crazy about beets, but it was just a little dallop on top. It was served cold, and was very good--a portent of things to come.

2) Soup. Since no appetizer could take the place of my baked snails, I ordered french onion soup. Paddy mentioned it was one of the best onion soup recipies in town. He was right. The new standard for French onion soup is now the Samoset. Susan was having a hard time picking her entree. She was draw to lobster (which she had last time) and a couple of other things. I suggested she try the lobster stew. She did, and reported it yummy.

3) Lemon sorbet. To cleanse the pallete, don't you know.

4) The entrees. There were four different things I wanted to try: duck, pork, pheasant, and the winner: lamb. It was called "duo of lamb." Two lamb chops and a braised lamb shank, served with jus and bernaise. Mashed potatoes that had been sent through a piping bag and broiled. Asparagus (yum!) and snow peas, with a little onion relish on top. Holy cow was this stuff good! The shank, in particular, was amazing. Honestly, I could've made a meal out of nothing but their braised lamb shank. Falling off the bone it was. Susan had apple smoked pork loin, which was also very good. She's a lamb lover too, and we she tried my lamb, it was obvious from the look on her face that she prepared my entree to her own. So I gave her one of my chops, and in return, she gave me a hunk of her pork. Potatoes and veggies were the same for her.

5) Dessert. Bananas Foster for me. I mentioned to Susan that it's so easy to make, there aren't that many ingredients (the banana liquer is the only one we don't already have in the house), and yet I never make it at home. She had some raspberry/strawberry chocolate cake/torte. I was too full; I didn't try hers. She didn't try mine.

Home for a quick change of clothes. Then to see the new Star Wars movie. I feel like most, I guess. Of the three prequels, this one is the best. It maybe is as good as "Jedi," but not on par with the original three on the whole. But it's far and away better than Phantom Menace. That movie is dreadful. The only thing I would've like to have seen is someone taking off Jar Jar's head. (Oh, speaking of that, quite a few people lose their heads in this movie. Heads and arms.)

We slept late (8:30) this morning. Susan's still sleeping. I've made the coffee and bacon, and now have taken a moment to fill you all in. Hope the rest of your weekend is as good as mine's been!

A Mastercard Moment
Dinner at the Samoset: $100
Soothing piano music from your old high-school vocal teacher: no charge
Two tickets to the movies: $16
Having all your children go to grandma's: priceless!

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

The complimentary appetizer you had was probably an "amuse bouche". It is a little something to tease the pallete. Many fine dining restaurants are doing this now.

I first had one of these at Escoffier which is the french restaurant at the Culinary Institute. Recently though I have seen them at Amalfi and Primo.

Oh and you should have tried toe fois gras. I bet you would have liked it.

Posted by Jim @ 05/21/2005 11:23 PM EST

I am doing site work for Gourmet Foods of New England and they keep throwing cans of their products at me ... figuratively, of course. So, I'll bring in a sample of the fois gras and we can have a tasting. I think you'll be surprised. It is delish.

Posted by Paddy @ 05/22/2005 11:16 AM EST

That sounds heavenly! I think I will try that this weekend! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend!

Posted by Michelle @ 05/23/2005 09:26 AM EST

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