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06/24/2005 Entry: "Aza's MI-5"

1. Assuming you were asked for proof of your moral fiber, in what way or with what example would you establish it?
The book of James (one of my favorites, BTW) says "Show me your fatih without works, and I'll show you my faith by what I do." Though I fail at this far too much (especially at work), I try to do things to help others. Need a ride? I'll come get you. Need someone to work late for you? If I'm available, I'll do it. Need to borrow a car? I've an extra, use mine for a few days. Someone could also look at my church attendance and giving record.

2. Assuming you had to add an eleventh commandment, what would it be?
Hmm. The 10 that are there cover just about everything of importance. I guess mine would end up something like "If there's a sidewalk, thou shalt use it. Only when there is no sidewalk shalt though be permitted to walk in the street."

3. Assuming you had to design your own true hell, what would it look like?
Someone poking my eyeball out over and over while forcing me to listen to cheesy keyboard driven music.

4. Assuming you would receive a true and correct answer, what one question would you ask a psychic and why?
When will I die. If I know that, I can make the best use of my time now. If I knew I'd be gone in a year or so, I wouldn't work so much. But since I'm planning on being around a while, I live my life as though I've got some time to take care of things.

5. And finally, assuming that music touches you, name the music that has touched your soul the most deeply.
Country Music. Specifically, That's My Job by Conway Twitty, and The Little Girl by John Michael Montgomery. The former has really meant a lot to me in the past nine months or so, and the latter... Well, every time I hear it I tear up.

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