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06/21/2005 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Here's my weekend wrap up, a day late.

I know my post on Saturday caused some confusion. That's because I wrote the post on Friday, but I forgot to actually post it 'til Saturday. So here's how it went down.

I got up. A did little piddly things around the house until 11am. Then Julia and I went to Waldoboro, as I had a gig at Waldoboro Days. That was 12:30-1:30. Julia was, of course, a peach. She stood on the curb, where I could see her from the stage, and was the best behaved little flower of loveliness you could ever ask for. She ate an entire order of HUGE onion rings, save the one I managed to wrangle away from her. And, she also had a slice of pumpkin pie. (As you'll see, I let her eat nothing but trash all day.)

After we left Waldoboro, we headed to Portland for the ball game. I stopped for gas, and Julia picked out a pink lemonade for a drink. Since I hadn't had lunch, I went through the drive through at McDonalds in Bath. "Open Pit" Julia was hungry again, so she got the usual: chicken nuggets and fries. We hit Portland a little early, so we stopped by The Drum Shop. They've got a new location; same plazza, but a couple of doors down. I tried out a bunch of ride cymbals, still looking for the perfect one. The Bosphorus Wide Ride seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. But at a shade under $300, I'm nowhere near ready to buy.

On to the ballpark. I could not imagine how much fun we would have! Julia was able to fo right down on the field, and they put her name on the scoreboard. She had her first ball park hot dog. We did the YMCA between innings. (Note: Look at those eyes! I'm going to be in so much trouble when she's older. Time for me to get that junkyard dog trained!) Everyone sang along to Neil Diamonds "Sweet Caroline," and they brought the audio down so you could hear everyone in the park doing the horn "wah, wah, wah"'s. There's so much stuff the do between innings. For six bucks a ticket, it's a blast. I can't wait to go back. My Dad's never been to a pro game either. I wanna go with him. We got home around 11.

Father's Day. In fine son fashion, Matt woke me up around 6:30. Nat was up at like 7am. I was leading the opening at Sunday School, so I needed to be there early. So we decided we'd go out for breakfast. But not before presents! Susan made me a new "brag book": a small scrapbook with photos of the boys. Julia made me a little box out of popsicle sticks, and I'll use it to store small items down in my studio. So Sunday School went off without a hitch, and most people thought I did a good job. Lunch was at my folks, and we had my Mom's famous "homemade" spaghetti sauce. (It starts from a can, but it gets doctored-up pretty good, and nothing else really compares. She cooks it in a crock pot. Maybe that's the secret?) Home about 2pm. Nap. Well, not really. I closed my eyes, but one of the boys (Nat?) wouldn't let me sleep. Church in the evening. Back home. I thought I might mow the lawn, but I ran out gas. I probably shouldn't mow the lawn on Father's Day anyway, huh?

Yesterday was a nice day here in Maine. I needed to do some stuff out on the road, and had an enjoyable afternoon tooling around the backroads, windows down and sun roof open. My drum lesson in the evening flaked out, so I was able to get the lawn mowed. Steak on the grill, mashed potatoes, and szechuan veggies were on the menu. I did a bunch of web work, and I think I pretty much finished the Warren Free Public Library. Then bed.

You are now all caught up.

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"They've got a new location; same plazza, but a couple of doors down."

I love the fact that, even though you are talking about drums, you still have food on your mind enough to use two zs in plaza, like it was somehow hedgehogged with pizza.

Posted by Paddy @ 06/22/2005 04:55 PM EST

Um, yes, sorry for the spelling error. I'm sure there are lots more on the page. Spelling was never a strong point with me.

Posted by BR @ 06/22/2005 05:23 PM EST

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