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06/30/2005 Entry: "Quick Vacation Snapshot"

I just wanted to share a couple of vacation photos with you. This isn't a complete wrap up. It's more like the appetizer. These are from my camera--I don't know what Susan got on hers. Here're the boys playing in the ball pit. (Why do they never allow adults in these things? It looks like so much fun!) Here's Julia with Cinderella.

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I love the expression on Nat's face! It's like he is saying "Dad! These are the biggest peas I've ever seen!" Instead of Jack & the Beanstalk it's Nat & Matt at the Pea Patch ...

Posted by Paddy @ 06/30/2005 11:51 PM EST

What is that on the wall in the pink colored case? It looks like some sort of medieval torture device.

Posted by Jim @ 07/02/2005 09:22 PM EST

Oh yeah that is in the Julia picture.

Posted by Jim @ 07/02/2005 09:23 PM EST

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