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07/05/2005 Entry: "Vacation Not Quite Wrap-Up"

There will be a complete rundown at some point, but here's a quick vacation update.

I was able to:
Go to New Hamster
Clean drum studio and build new snare drum shelves
Pack car with a different drumset for gigage
Defrost freezer
Play a couple of gigs
Get ear infection
Mow lawn
Wash, vaccuum, and Armor-All Susan's van

I was NOT able to:
Paint garage
Paint deck
Wash, vaccuum, and Armor-All my car
Install new light fixture in dining room
Finish the HUGE omlette at Guilde's Restaurant

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Glad you got some stuff done, but also hope you had a little down time! Your vacation sounds busier than my life! Oh yeah...are we going to see more pictures?

Posted by aunt ginny @ 07/05/2005 08:15 PM EST

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