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07/06/2005 Entry: "The Vacation Wrap-Up"

OK, vacation. Here's the sum up.

Saturday. I washed Susan's car. I think this was the day. Packing and other stuff.

Sunday. Church. Everything was as a normal Sunday, I think. Heck, it was over a week ago! I can't remember.

Monday. Drive to New Hampshire. Arrive at Story Land at almost spot on 3pm. (If you buy park admintance after 3pm, you get a pass to come back another day. We chose to use ours the next day, of course!) 3pm was the time we agreed to meet my inlaws and Susan's brother, his wife, and their daughter. Alas, we'd forgotten the inlaws cell phone number at home. So we waited. About an hour later, they showed up. It was a longer trip than they thought. We did little in the park that day, but Julia and I did go on Dr. Geyser's Remarkable Raft Ride. After that, we checked into our motel. The staff there were very nice. After a little unpacking, we took the kids to gradparent's camp site, so Grandma and Grandaddy could babysit while Susan, Hound Dog, Dawn and I could go out for a little dinner. Susan thought her meal was a little spicy. Mine was just right. I had a local beer while there. I don't remember the name, but it was pretty good. Headache in evening.

Tuesday. Breakfast at Guildies, as recommended by the motel. Pancakes were bigger than the plate!!! You couldn't eat two. Leigh, the waitress, was fantastic. Matt asked her to be his girlfriend, and she accepted. She picked him up, and lugged him all over the restaurant. Huge portions, good prices, and a wicked nice staff. We will go back! Day spent at Story Land. Taking twins to Story Land before they can walk is a challenge. There's not too much for them to do. Towards the end of the day, it starts to rain. We don't care, and continue to ride Dr. Geyser, as well as the Bamboo Chutes Log Flume ride. Back to the motel. Headache. Inlaws, who're camping in a slide-in camper on the back of their pick-up, cook inside camper while parked in our motel parking lot. Yeast rolls are yummy. Sleep.

Wednesday. Guildies for breakfast. I can only eat 1/2 the omelette they serve me. Matt asks Leigh to marry him. She agrees. Shopping. We seach the outlets for table service for 8, and new cookware. Find lovely, affordable, discontiued table service, but they only have enough for four. Bummer. Cookware not found. We did purchase some chocolate, CDs, and a few movies. We also made a quick trip to the New Hampshire liquor store to purchase Godiva, something we can't find since Maine got rid of their state run liquor stores. For lunch we stopped at Quiznos. I think they have a better selection than Subway. I had the Mesquite Chicken with Bacon: chicken, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and ranch dressing. Home by early evening. Crash. Headache.

Thursday. Home all day. Defrost freezer. Mow lawn. Banking. Clean and organize studio with new drum display shelves.

Friday: I forget.

Saturday: I forget.

Sunday. Church in morning. Play gig with steel drum band at 2pm. Back to church in evening. Day all gone.

Monday. July 4th. Make breakfast for family. Parade at 11. I have a gig that's supposed to be from 3-5pm. But there was a scheduling snafu. Even though we confirmed the 3pm start time, they really wanted us to start at 1pm. I got the call from Blind Al at 1:45 that they wanted us playing ASAP. We were rockin' the first tune at 2:15. At 3pm, we were all done. I picked up Julia, who was BBQ-ing with my Aunt Gin. Home. We decided not to drag the kids to the fireworks. Bed.

And we now return to our regularly scheduled week.

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