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07/13/2005 Entry: "Jeff Beck's "Blow By Blow""

I'm taking my 15 minute coffee break. I was in my car listening to Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow album. I had this on cassette back in high school, and it really was one of my formative albums in my early drumming career. Richard Bailey's super funky syncopation and huge, resonant drum tone were a huge influence on me. Anyway, I was reading the liner notes of the CD, when I noticed two things. The second song, "She's a Woman," was credited to Lennon/McCartney. Of course, I'm a huge Beatle fan too, and for the life of me, I couldn't think what tune it was. Luckily, Jimmy T hipped me to the lyrics, and once I heard them I thought "Oh yeah, NOW I hear it!" It's like the Herb Alpert version of "A Taste of Honey." Once someone pointed out to me it was a cover of the Beatle tune, I figured it out. Before that, though, I never noticed it was the same song. (The same song done in a different time signature with a cheezy trumpet part, but still the same song. Sorta.)

Also just noticed on the same album: Stevie Wonder wrote "'Cause We've Ended As Lovers." This is my favorite tune on the album, and probably my favorite instrumental ballad ever. Jeff's performance of this tune is a story in sound. You can hear the death of a relationship through his guitar: the remorse, the anger, the sadness. Truly a work impressionism in music.

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